Accordion Mini…

I recently tried my hands on accordion mini and I am pretty happy with the results.


Hope you like this too…

See you soon with me new craft soon. Till then be safe and be happy…




Art Journal Pages…

I do not get time these days to take commissions but I love art in any form.  Since I was missing it big time I started making art journal…  Just to keep my soul fed.  Here are some pages to give you glimpse of what I am up to.





Hope you like it.. 

Keep crafting and stay blessed



Dream Catcher

Cub’s friend loved the dream catchers that I made earlier and she wanted one.  I had promised to make one for her and what better occasion than her birthday. So here it is… The one I made for her.


Hope she likes it… I have made it as colourful as possible 🙂

See you guys soon…



Message Chalk Boards – 1

Let me first wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year ahead 🙂

I made a few chalk board fridge magnets a while back. Here is a not-so-great picture of those.

Chalk board fridge magnets

Can you see the Heart that I have written with chalk?! 😀

Here is a very simple way of making a chalk board paint at home:

You will need:

One part of water

Two parts of Plaster of Paris (PoP)

Three parts of Acrylic paint (any colour of your choice)


Mix all these three ingredients and voila! your chalk board paint is ready to use. Apply it on any surface you like. Let it dry. Apply two or three more layers depending upon the look of the surface and your DIY chalk board is ready…

You will see that I have used only black paint and the reason is not just that Black is one of my favourite colours but also because I made a lot of chalk board paint and I din’t want to waste it… 😆  😆

TIP: Keep fan off while working with this paint as due to PoP, this paint dries up fast. Dexterity will help 😉

Here are some more chalk boards that I created. Have a look:


This one is my favourite :)

This one is my favourite 🙂

PhotoGrid_1420112628366 PhotoGrid_1420104731240 PhotoGrid_1420100430060

Hope you like these… there are some more in making. Will share in a few days!

Till then “Happy Crafting” and stay safe 🙂


Dreamy Give-Away

Hi Guys… There is a good news. We are having a “dreamy” give away for all our lovely fans. Our super duper awesome “DREAM CATCHER”!
Dream Catcher 4One of these can be yours!! 😀

How to participate: “Like” our facebook page, share this status update on your facebook timeline and comment on the facebook “Give away” post. You can tag your friends but that is totally optional.

I will close this give-away on 10th Oct 2014 and announce the winner on 11th Oct. (Winner will be randomly chosen). You can participate if you already like the page… just share the status update and comment.

Click the link here to go to our facebook page:

All the best guys… Let the fun begin… 😀 😀

Handmade Fridge Magnets – Miniature Flowers

Recently I made these Fridge Magnets… Actually I started making these flowers for a miniature green house or may be as flower bed for a miniature landscape but on the way of making it my mood changed and I ended up making fridge magnets. 😀

Crafter’s moods!!! 😉 😆

Purple flowers Yellow flowersWhat say guys? 🙂