I have been struggling to manage my card stock and other paper collection. Everytime I want some paper I would have to go through different piles of bags where I used to store them. Not only it was irritating, this way of storing papers damaged those lovelies and took a lot of space in my, already cramped, craft cupboard. Finally I thought of taking matters in my hands… 😉

I went and bought myself two cardboard box files and a lot of (50 to be precise 😀 ) transparent sheet protectors. Organised and re-organised papers and finally I was happy with my decision. I could also find a lot of paper scrap which I had hoarded for long and could be used… These are now safely and neatly placed in one of the protectors and are easily accessible. Take a look at my new, organised paper mountain 😀


Nice, hun? I should have taken “before” picture too… Well, now not possible 😉 Now, let me show you some inside story…





Well, I am quite happy with myself… ‘pat on my own back’ … Hee hee…

Let me tell you something else. For quite sometime I wanted to buy acrylic blocks for stamping but was unsble to procure it. These are available Online but the shipping cost was more than the block itself. So I decided to do something about it. I went to a neighbourhood Glass and Hardware shop, got a couple of 12″ thick glass blocks cut and got the edges rounded. Voila, my stamping blocks were ready. He gave me one free too as it was a waste for him. So in 110 Rupees I got three glass stamping blocks. I know, I will have to be a little careful while using it since it is glass but for now my need is satisfied. Take alook at my new acquisition.


So, that’s all for now. Will be back soon.


Painted Glass Candles

I had made glass candles with clear gel wax and gifted it to Swaps on his birthday last year. Cub wanted me to make one for her too. So this time I made painted glass candles for her. She liked it, hope you guys like it too 🙂

I took some shot glasses…

Shot Glasses to be painted

Painted these… (wanted to do different design but my gutta had dried out so chose to paint this way 🙂  )

Painted Shot Glasses

Put wick and wax to make the candles…

Painted Glass Candles

This is how these candles look from above

View From Top

We haven’t lighted these candles yet… will post a pic once we do it 🙂

Hope you liked the candles.

Ciao and take care 🙂



Birthday gift…

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I was at loss as what to gift him. So me and Cub tried our hands on handmade, gel wax candles. Following is the photo-diary of our efforts. Hope Swaps like it…

1. The materials used… empty small glasses, assorted shells, some rangoli colours, some glitter, wicks and gel wax

2. Get the glasses ready with embelishments… (tip: don’t forget to put wick at this stage)

3. Melting wax over double broiler…

4. Pour the melted wax in the ready glasses… and voila, it’s ready!

(tip: you can change the colour of the wax by adding some shavings of wax crayons of your colour choice)

So, guys that was what presented to moi best friend.

Once again, Happy birthday Swaps 🙂