About me!

This is the most difficult page to write, but let me try! 🙂

I am a doctor by profession and a crafter by hobby. I create what I feel like and I love gifting handmade things to my friends. Craft has worked as a meditation for me and now that Cub has joined me too, it is even more fun. I love photography too and you can see “World through my eyes” on http://huesandshades.wordpress.com. And when my emotions are in the right flow, I try to vent them out in the form of short stories at http://laghukatha0shortstories.wordpress.com

You can follow me on facebook on:



Phew!! I din’t know I had so much to write!! 😀  😀

Happy viewing and happy creating! 🙂

~ Sakhi (aka Dr. Dhara Shah)


26 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for checking my blog.. and adding. I yet not read your blog to be honest, but i want to say that my another series of sketches will have impact of your blog.

    keep blogging
    Manu M

  2. Hi, I was surfing for some info on decoupage and i ran into this blog. I Also do decoupage and would be interested in learning more. could u send me ur website or ur email address.


    I do decoupage for pleasure and this is the only site that i put my work on. I will send you my email in case you need to know more.

  3. hi sakhi,

    could you tell me who can do professional tracing on fabric? where to go to get this kind of thing done.

    thanks in advance.


  4. Hey pp,

    I reside in Ahmedabad and we have some craft shops where we get stuff for a lot of things. these shops are not the ones like hobby ideas or such. They are local shops but you get good crafty stuff there like all sorts of embelishments, threads, colours etc. They have their men doing tracing too! Now, if you are from Ahmedabad, do let me know and I will provide you with the address of a few tracers and the shops in different areas.

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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