Silk Painting – Tutorial

I tried painting on silk Scarf this time and thought of sharing the technique with you guys.

Material Used:

1. Silk Scarf / cloth

2. Silk Colours along with outliner

3. Ring to Stretch the Cloth

4. Pencil for drawing the design on the cloth ( you can get it traced professionally too!)

5. Painting brush

6. A rag and water dispenser


1. The desired cloth has to stretched on the ring so that the working becomes easier.

2. Draw the design you want to paint.

3. Apply the outliner on the design so that the colours won’t bleed or merge with each other. (You can work without the outliner when you want the merged effect.) Wait for the outliner to dry completely. This might take one and half to two hours.

4. Once the outliner has dried, start filing up the design with your desired colours. There’s no need to dilute the colour or add any medium. You can work directly from the container. Remember to start filling the colour from the center so that the colour will not bleed out side the liner. If you want to shade the particular part, do it when the colour is still wet.

5. If you want to give texture to the colour as its seen in the solid area, you can put salt grains (bigger ones) on the still wet colours. Beautiful star shaped texture will be visible. Again, it is mandatory to do it when the colour is still wet and remove the grains once the colour dries.

6. Let the colours dry for 24 hours and then iron the cloth on the back side. Take care to keep the temperature of iron on “Silk” mode.

7. Now you can wash you cloth.


P. S. These colours can be used on cotton material also. These colours are easier to work on cotton fabric as they bleed less and the effect is better than that of conventional fabric colours.

48 thoughts on “Silk Painting – Tutorial

  1. hey sakhi….I wanna try this….but I dont know what is silk colors (i mean any photo or what we should ask for ) and outliner…?

    Nice post really….I feel like making one 😀

  2. @ Reema

    Thanks… will surely make one for you when we meet!! 🙂 🙂

    @ Sahaja

    Fevicryl (hobby Ideas) Silk colours are available in all the arts and craft stores and these colours comes with a small tube of outliner. Click on the above photo to get the enlarged view. In the first snap you will be able to see the box of the colours (blue box).

    Do let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Happy Painting!! 🙂

  3. A very beautiful work sakhi 🙂 great 🙂 nice painting
    I am still wondering how you are getting this much time 🙄 for me its flying like a cotton in strong wind 😀
    My mom love this kind of artistry works. I will tell to her.

  4. Sakhi Di…I actually, could not find them in stores nearby here in UK [they shud be there but no car, cant go far 😦 ]….main India aa rahi hoon in 3 weeks and i shall buy, try and show them to you 😀 Yayyyy

  5. Hey, I am happy that you are coming to India (I never realised that you don’t stay here!! 🙂 )

    I am sure I would be availabe there but might be called something else.

    will be waiting to see your handy work!! 🙂

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  7. hi sakhi
    just saw ur silk painting.very good work.i really liked it.i stay in hyd n am not finding these colours here. cn u tell me where do u stay(i hv a cousin cmg from bgl on 19th……….s)soi thought if u stay in bgl n cn name the shop n address i cn get it through him
    waiting for ur reply
    thank u

    • hi Aparna

      I saw ur msg above….you can get silk painting colours from secunderabad or Jagadamba Stores they have all fevicryl products.


  8. Hey Aparna!

    I think the colours should be available there too in some craft shops. I Stay in ahmedabad but i know that these colours are available in bangalore, though i am not sure about the shop name. Sorry i couldn’t help.


  9. very nice sakhi. I make smocking frocks for little girls and I stay in Bangalore. I would like to try scarfs and sell them too.
    good work

  10. hi sandya,,
    i am also from banglore.i live in marathahalli and i have 2 & 5 yrs girl babies.i love to buy the smocked frocks u mentioned.pls tell me how to approach u.

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  12. hi there, i loved your silk painting, i was wondering if you do silk painting of birds??? waiting for ur reply soon on my email thanks.

  13. Hi Sakhi

    Ur art is beautiful….I have done some silk paintings in egyptian designs but have used a 3D outliner instead of gutta…So wanted to checck with you if u apply gutta after its dried ,is it necessary to remove gutta by washing it or leave it.

    Pls let me know about it….I read in some article for silk you can use dyes or other paints on silk so what else can be used instead of silk paintings.

    I have fevicryl silk paintings bottle with me….can i merge 2 colours for shading or for any other colour can i mix any 2 colours…pls let me knowthanks


    • Hi Divya, I am glad you liked my art. 🙂

      coming to your question: black outliner is used when you want to retaing that outline. Where as, gutta is used when you dont want any colour on that part. Also it helps in compartmentalising your work. Apply gutta on the margins, let it dry, apply colours of your choice. once you are done with the colour, you remove gutta and that part will be of the colour of your fabric.

      And mixing of colours is fine. If you see my painting here, you will be able to see the shadings.

      But on sild i prefer on silk colours since it does not make the fabric stiff. Do not mix to TYPES of colour.



  14. hey, can u tell me hw to do coffee painting..i mean wt is used fr outlining while fr colouig its coffee pdr + glue and gloss +water….bt wt abt outline?

    as well as cn u tell me hw to do mosaic art??

    thx divya

  15. Dear Divya, I have no clue as to what is coffee painting and as for mosaic, why don’t you try googling it. I am sure you will find very good instructions on mosaic.


  16. Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your website on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

    I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone ..

    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, awesome site!

    • Dear Sonali, thank you for appreciating my work. I would like to apologise as I am not sure where can you find steam setting colours. I used to buy from local agents. Regards, Sakhi

  17. dear sakhi. north india (specially panjab) mein silk paint or dyes with gutta kahan se mil skty hain? eagrly waiting 4 ur reply…………………………………………………



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