Mixed Media on Canvas – Aqua

It’s been a while since I wanted to work on mixed media. See what I came up with;



Have to still get it framed but I wanted to share with you right away πŸ˜€

Hope you guys like it.


~ Sakhi

Tissue box

I had made this tissue box looooong time back and the technique I had used was “decoupage”. I kept in my car for so many years and the sunlight faded the red colour of hearts. Heart turned from red to pink to cream to white in colour. It was time to revamp my tissue box. Β Since it’s made up of MDF, I could use it again. See what I came up with πŸ™‚

This is what happened to my tissue box due to long exposure to sunlight

This is what happened to my tissue box due to long exposure to sunlight

tissue box1_1

tissue box1_2tissue box1_3

tissue box1_4

tissue box1_5


Looking at the results, now I don’t want to keep this in my car (will be heart broken it this gets discoloured πŸ˜† )

Hope you like it.


~ Sakhi


Egyptian Mummy

Cub had vacation project to make egyptian mummy and of course mom has to take up the challenge πŸ˜€

We both made the mummy from her old doll an wrapped it with white cloth strips. It turned out well (or so I think πŸ™‚ ).

Then I thought it should have a coffin to go with it too. So made one out of thick textured card stock. Cub made some confetti in lieu of sand (sand would have increased weight and paper could not have held it).

See how it turned out…



Cub liked it a lot… And I am happy too…

Now back to exhi work


~ Sakhi

Handmade paper – tutorial

Today I and cub had some time and also had my neice over, so we thought to make some handmade paper sheets from newspapers. Let’s see how we made it.

Materials used:

  1. Old news papers
  2. Half bucket full of water (to soak paper shreds)
  3. Paper masher or mixer grinder (to make paper pulp)
  4. Deckel
  5. Roller (to flatten the sheets)
  6. Old bed sheet or towel (to dry sheets on)
  7. Some extra newspapers (to keep the sheets in between to flatten them)


We started with shredding the newspapers into small pieces and then soaking them in water for three hours. Once the paper pieces were soft, we mashed them to pulp in the paper masher. You can use mixer grinder for the same purpose (I use paper masher as it doesn’t require electricity and hence, children can use them on their own without adult supervision).

After we pulped the paper, we made thin layer of this pulp on the deckle net and let the extra water drip out. We also decorated these sheets with flowers and leaves before pressing the sheets.

Once done, we put the sheets under the roller to squeez out excess water. Then these sheets were placed on old bath towel to dry them further. Once they were dry enough, we placed them between other newspaper sheets and put heavy books on top of it to flatten the sheets out.

What say guys, you like the end product?

These sheets can be used as greeting card or as keepsake or memorablia πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this tutorial πŸ™‚



Paper Bag

I am in a habit of gifting things in eco-friendly paper bags, even to the kids. The bags I have look quite a drab. So I thought of perking them up. See for yourself what a little stroke of brush and a few papers here and there can do to a drab looking paper bags! πŸ™‚

What do you say guys?Β  Would Kids love to receive gifts in these kind of bags or not? πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚