Shoe box or Treasure chest???







From Inside

From Inside


9 thoughts on “Shoe box or Treasure chest???

  1. Ohh Di…I am def gonna do this 😀 Thanks for the lovely idea [anymore description when u have time wud do a lot of help for dumbsters like me 😛 and I love ur daughter’s name – isha right?

  2. @ Reems

    🙂 Hey Thanks for the idea… i think i can take it up as a next project 🙂

    @ Sahaja

    🙂 🙂 Yeah she is Isha. And this is really easy. Paint the box with any shade of acrylic colour of your choice. Let it dry. Apply decoupage pictures (i have used some stickers here) and start decoupage. When done i added other embelishments like jewels and the bow. The inside portion was again painted with acrylic colour. and the base is made of some newspapers coverd with gift wrapper 🙂

    Do post the pic when you make it… will like to see how you do it 🙂

    @ vishu

    What’s a rolling calender?

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