A tent card

I had been wanting to make a tent card fir quite some time. And what could be the better time than valentine’s month? Niw without mych ado… Here is my creation 🙂






This is the back of the card where one can add personal messages and photos on the tags

What say guys? Hope you like it…



P.S. Entering this into “Itsy Bitsy pattern paper challenge” 🙂


Quilled earrings – 2

After a long time made some more quilled earrings. Have a look…



I am planning to make a lot of these in the coming days 🙂

That’s all peeps… Looks like this one has turned out to be a very very short post… 😆


~ Sakhi

Happy Birthday Buddy!

It was my best buddy’s birthday yesterday and I made a card for him. Hope he liked it.

Then I packed it in this box so that the quilled paper would not get squashed!

Wish you a very happy birthday once again, Swaps! 🙂  🙂

Quilling 3

I made this greeting card on cream colour card stock, framed it with tea bag folding technique and quilled a flower pot. The background colour was done with dry colours and smudged to give the hue.

Happy making cards, happy quilling!! 🙂  🙂

Paper Filigree – Pilot run

This is my first attempt at paper filigree, also known as quilling. I wish to make a few cards out of this art but wanted to check out if could actually do it or not before going ahead with the actual project. 🙂

Please click on the image below to have a larger view.

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