surprise for me…

Friendship day was last week and I was not expecting anything NOW… but cub surprised me with this… She made it herself. Check the tutorial here.

And not only she tied it for me, she made sure I take pictures and post it here too. So here I am…

Hope she is happy now 🙂

Ciao till next post on Gell Wax Candles…


Woven Friendship belt – Tutorial

I know, I know it’s not a friendship day or something similar; but why should it be a special day to wish your loved ones! Right? So, I felt like making a friendship band for my friend and cub flicked it for herself.

Would you like to know how to make it? Well, today I will show you how to make the simple one. It’s so easy, even kids can do it. So let’s start…

You will need:

A Card board

Different coloured Skeins

and Scissors

First cut the card board in a circular shape.

Divide the cardboard in eight equal parts and cut just at the edge as shown below. Also make a small hole in the center from where you will pass your threads.

If you want slightly thicker band you can also make the cardboard with 17 grooves as shown below.

Now, for 8 grooves board take 7 skeins of your choice of colours and for 17 groove board take 16 skeins of your choice of colours. Start with about half a meter length for each skein. Make a knot with all the skeins at one end and pass these skeins through the center hole. Once you have done that, seperate each skein and place in the grooves as shown below.

You can see that one slot is empty. This is the slot which is going to help us weave our belt. Now, count three threads from the empty slot towards your left and pick out the third thread and put it the empty slot. Now rotate the board and pick up third thread from left of the empty slot and put in the empty slot. Go on doing this for the rest of the length of the skeins. You will notice that your belt is being formed beneath the board as seen below.

When you are satisfied with the length of the belt, remove the threads from the slots, and pull them out of the hole. Finish the belt with putting a knot at the end of the belt. Cut the extra threads off.

You can add beads at the end to make it look more funky.

TIP:  Do not forget to detangle the skeins while you go on weaving by combing them now and then with your fingers.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy Weaving Friends! 🙂



Lovely gift

This post is dedicated to my lovely friend, Anubha. She sent me this handmade card and surprised me.

Look at the awesome figurine painted below. Isn’t it awesome. She took two days to make this one.

She just made my day. She also sent lovely, “Minakari” mirror from jaipur, which you can find here.

HUGS Anu, you made my day! 🙂




One of my dear friend gifted me this awesome origami book and I am loving folding papers to give them different shapes. 🙂 See for yourself what am I up to with coloured pieces of papers these days. Thank you swaps, for this awesome gift. 🙂  🙂

Have a Great Day Ahead, Guys! 🙂  🙂

Friendship belts

Cub had a demand of friendship belts at 10 in the night. I was dead tired so promised her that I would make some for her friends in the morning before she left for the school. See the result for yourself.

A little close up…

A carry bag to take all these belts to school… (of course, I made it! 😀  🙂  )

Paper bag with the booty! 🙂

Hope you all had a great time with your friends 🙂