Some quilling

I have shifted base and I was dying to craft. Quilling is something that I simply love… swirls of thin paper strips can look so beautiful…

Check what I came up with recently…


This is how it started:-)


Close-up of the finished product


A little more view:-)


Ta da... finished A4 size card

I loved the way it turned out… what do u say guys?

Quilled earrings – 2

After a long time made some more quilled earrings. Have a look…



I am planning to make a lot of these in the coming days:-)

That’s all peeps… Looks like this one has turned out to be a very very short post…😆


~ Sakhi

Quilled Fridge Magnet

Hey guys… See what I did this weekend. I had a blog friend over for quilling workshop. She made quilled earrings, Cub was busy quilling fir her favourite uncle and I made this cool fridge magnet. Have a look…






Though I had thought that I would gift this to someone special, Cub gifted it to herself… Hee… Hee…😀  :D

Hope you like it.



Quilling 3

I made this greeting card on cream colour card stock, framed it with tea bag folding technique and quilled a flower pot. The background colour was done with dry colours and smudged to give the hue.

Happy making cards, happy quilling!! :) :)

Paper Filigree – Pilot run

This is my first attempt at paper filigree, also known as quilling. I wish to make a few cards out of this art but wanted to check out if could actually do it or not before going ahead with the actual project.:)

Please click on the image below to have a larger view.

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