Wreck This Journal: My Version

I saw this super cool journal online: “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith. I liked it so much that I wanted it but did not want to buy it, instead I went ahead and made one for myself and a friend. Have a look…


I started with this ordinary notebook from Classmate with plain pages


I decoupaged the front and the back cover pages with the pieces of newspaper (arrow is to show decoupage)


I painted even the inner cover pages (back and front) with acrylic colours (arrow to show the painted page)


These are just the sample pages of the journal. I have used some of the ideas from the original journal but I din’t like a lot of them too. So came up with my own version. It was tough to do that but was fun too πŸ™‚


This is the back cover page, decoupaged πŸ™‚ And even though this journal was suppose to be for me and a friend, I couldn’t help but put my trademark there. Looks so professional, hun?? πŸ˜‰

It took me almost a week to complete both these journals. I posted one to my friend today morning. Hope she likes it. I will have to make one for myself again since Cub liked mine so much that she flicked it away… πŸ˜€

Hope both the girls enjoy journalling and let themselves free with imagination.




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