Birthday Card for 10 year old boy

So today it is a colourful birthday card for a ten year old boy. Have a look…



Material used:

★ Light blue card stock for base
★ Fluoroscent green paper (80 gsm)
★ Pink and blue foam sheets
★ Orange and white Crepe papers
★ Numerical stickers
★ Varna’s creations Express It: Basic Sentiments
★ Crystal ink – black for sentiment stamping

Hope you like it…



Linking to Aditya’s Craft Zone [Imaginations product “Varna’s Creations Stamp: Express It #1 – Basic Sentiments“]


4 thoughts on “Birthday Card for 10 year old boy

    • Thanks Doc… I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now but there is always some or the other problem when I want to comment. Finally I could do it. You are amazing with all your work 🙂 Glad to have stumbled on your blog 🙂

  1. Hi Dhara
    This is Mitul here! I accidnetly stumbled upon your blog! I am really pleasantly surprised! Please keep in touch through my email . Also say hello to Chirag. Very keen to speak with you guys, just spoke with Neerav the other day and i asked for your contact number.
    Mitul (i am still in UK!)

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