Palak Raita

I was wanting to make this raita for quite sometime now. Not only it tasted yummy but also it is quite nutricious with green leafy vegetable and curds. Have a look at it…



Want to know how I made it? Well, here’s the recipe 🙂


About 250 g freah palak (spinach) leaves
500 ml curds (yogurt)
One tbsp minced ginger
One tbsp minced garlic
Two green chillies finely chopped
Two tsp roaste cumin seeds powder
One tbsp roasted sesame seeds
Two tsp oil for saute
Oil for deep fry
Rock salt, table salt n chaat masala to taste


Take half the palak leaves and blanch them in hot water and immediately in ice cold water. Drain these leaves and finely cut these blanched leaves. Keep it aside. Take oil in a pan and saute ginger, garlic and green chillies till garlic is light brown. Add finely chopped blanched leaves to saute for a while. Add a little salt to taste and also roasted cumin seeds powder to this. Keep this aside.

Now whisk curds to smoothness. Add chaat masala and rock salt to taste. Remember you have already added salt to palak saute earlier.

Now take some oil in a pan for deep frying. Till oil gets hot finely chop the remaining palak. Now deep fry this palak till it is crisp. Drain it on a kitchen towel.

Now, add the sauted palak mixer to the prepared curds and mix properly. Once mixed, transfer this to the bowl in which you want to serve this raita. Now layer the crisp palak over the curd-palak mixture and then sprinkle roasted sesame seeds over this.

Serve immediately.

Hope you enjoy this nutricious raita as much as me and my family did… 🙂



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