Psuedo Barbeque – Tricolour Kebabs

Today the weather in Bangalore is superb and so it was a good reason to grill something up. This is what I made. Have a look…



It turned out to be yummier than it looks here 🙂

Here is a quick recipe:


-One big capsicum; cored and diced
-One big onion; cut into squares
-A few tomatoes; cored and cut into squares
-Paneer (Cottage cheese) – about 250 gm; cut into squares
-Herbs of your choice (I used oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme)
-10-12 Garlic pods; minced
-Olive oil; about two table spoons
-Juice of 2  big lemons
-Red chilli flakes; to taste
-Salt; to taste
-Chaat Masala; to taste


Seperately marinate capsicum, onions, tomatoes and paneer with lemon juice, olive oil, Salt and herbs of your choice. Also apply garlic paste to paneer cubes. Sprinkle red chilli flakes on the paneer cubes depending upon ur liking to spicy taste. Keep these aside for 15 mins.

Now put about a tbsp of olive oil in a flat pan and put paneer cubes till golden brown from all the sides. Take it out in the same tray in which you marinated it. Once it is cool enough to handle, take a toothpick and skew a piece at a time of capsicum, onion, paneer and tomato on it. Go on doing the same till you are done with all the veggies n paneer cubes.

Place these skewed marinated kebabs in a grill plate. Sprinkle it up with all the marinated juices left in each tray. Place it in the grill for about 15 mins or in convection at 220° C for 15 mins.

Once done, sprinkle with chaat masala.

Serve hot with green pudina (mint) and dhania (corriander) chutney.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe.



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