Ghosty Handmade Birthday Card

Cub again has to go to a birthday party tomorrow and this party has “Horror Theme” 🙄 [yeah, I know she is  partying a lot, sigh!!!]

Well, so for this “horror theme” birthday party, I came up with a “ghost” birthday card for the birthday girl. Have a look…






To make this card, I used:

  • Black glittered handmade card stock for base
  • White card stock on which I hand-drew cute little ghosts and printed Casper
  • Maroon Card stock for door, attic window glass, smoke coming out of chimney and “happy birthday” wish tag
  • Red and Black Glitter pens to make those tiny bats and to make out line of those ghosts and their eyes
  • Black Rhine stones for ghost eyes
  • Coir twine for pull-out tag
  • “Happy Birthday” stamp from Varna’s creation
  • Black “Crystal Craft Ink” for stamping
  • Ek Scallop punch to punch-out my stamp

Hope you like it.

Also I have now started branding my cards too (earlier I used to do it with just “Sakhi” at the back of the cards). I got my own stamp designed by Tejal and I am pretty happy with the results. Since I am still awaiting its clear stamp version from Varshitha, to brand this card I took a print-out and punched with scallop punch. Have a look…



Ciao, till we meet again with some new craft…


4 thoughts on “Ghosty Handmade Birthday Card

  1. Casper looks sooo cute!!! Love your idea of the haunted house.. and your stamp looks so beautiful!! Good work Sakhi 🙂 And it’s not too late before Cub will start partying every night.. so be prepared!! 😉 hugs to her.. 🙂

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