Cub and her friends have summer holiday. They wanted to make something crafty and we were scratching our heads as to what shall we make now. Since Sun is blazing here we thought why not we make some sun catchers. Following is their (I was just their crafty advisor! 😉 ) photo journey towards making colourful sun-catchers.

Kids busy painting

Kids happy painting

Some painted sun-catchers

I will paint this butterfly

Some more painted sun-catchers

Sun as sun-catcher

We allowed these sun-catchers to dry and then these were hung in Cub’s bed-window to catch some sun rays. Boys wore them around their neck too (I forgot to click their pics wearing their sun-catchers!)

Hanged Sun catchers

Turtle and Sun

(bad last pic but wanted to show you guys anyway 🙂 )

Hope you enjoyed kids’ efforts as much as they enjoyed making it.

Have a sunny day ahead 🙂




6 thoughts on “Sun-Catchers

    • Sun-catchers are usually put at the windows where it can catch sun-rays and spread beautiful colourful light around. Glad you liked these… 🙂

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