No stitch pillow case

A fortnight ago I came across the following video on you-tube. I HAD to try it but got a little busy. But Anu did it and I loved the results. You can check her pillow here.

So here I go…

First my old tee shirt

As the video says, I could have used the stuffing but I had a pillow at home which needed a new cover. So I chose to use it instead. Also my pillow is a square one instead of a round one. The first thing I did was to measure the size of the pillow and made the marking on the tee with the fabric chalk.

Next, the cutting… Remember to cut is at least a couple of inches away from your earlier marking.

Next I cut the strips, about 3/4th inch wide…

I went on and cut at all the sides. It looked like this…

Next was to tie knots between the strips of upper and lower layers or your tee so that finally it will become a pouch to hold the pillow.

Once two sides were done, I added my pillow and went on tying the knots again…

Check for your self how my “gifted” pillow looked like!

I am pretty pleased with the results. 🙂  🙂  🙂

What say guys???

🙂  🙂  🙂

P.S. Cub thought I was a genius until I told her where I got this idea from!! 😆  😆


15 thoughts on “No stitch pillow case

    • Hey, sorry yaar, your comment was in spam as it is a single word comment.

      I am glad u liked this one 🙂 I like yours too (as if u don’t know that by now! 😀 )

  1. Nice! I recently converted two boring tees into a bag and a full sleeve tee into a tank. It was so much fun that I am waiting for more tees to be discarded at home 😉

    • wah that’s cool 😀 and I can understand when you say “I am waiting for more tees to be discarded at home” ha ha ha 😆 😆

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