Wah Taj!

It was hubby’s birthday a few days back and I was a little confused as to what to gift him. Then a brilliant (!) idea struck me and I bought him 500 pieces Jigsaw puzzle (I wanted to buy 1000 pieces one, but sadly that store did not have it!! 😦  ). Dear hubby worked on it laboriously for almost four day (minus a few hours, hee hee…) and could accomplish the task.

Symbol of love was completed with a lot of labour of love 🙂


13 thoughts on “Wah Taj!

  1. mama,
    u need to wait for your bhania ;

    he will help u finish this puzzle with in couple
    of hours minus some minutes.

    better try with your next 1000 pieces puzzle

    ha.. ha…

    • hee hee, that will be difficult for you to do i.e. keep her away from my influence. I will make sure that doesn’t happen 😛 😛

      And thanks on hubby’s behalf for your wishes (he hardly check this blog! 😦 )

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