My BIL came to Bangalore yesterday and he said that I have got a parcel from my SIL. I was surprised to hear that since I had not asked for anything from her.

The box was all tapped with  “Fragile” tags… I got even more curious as to what can this big box contain. I opened it with enthusiasm of a child and woila, what do I find inside!!!

I had passingly mentioned to SIL when she has last visited us that I wanted some kind of tea- glasses with stand (routinely used at the roadside tea stall in India) and I was unable to find it in Bangalore (or probably I was not searching at the right places). I had resigned to the fact that I might not find it here. But she had not forgotten about it and she searched and searched and finally got it for me and sent it from Mumbai. I was thrilled to see what I wanted for so long…

Ah… what a beauty! It will be fun to have and serve some awesome “adarakhwali chai” (ginger tea) in this cold weather.

Thank you soooooooooo much Seju for this lovely and thoughtful gift. I cannot tell you enough how I have loved it 🙂  🙂

And guys, this was not enough. There was something else too in that box…

A beautyful cloth bag with some small gift for cub. SIL’s daughter had sent a birthday gift for Cub… What a cute penstand with a cute handmade doll… as cute as herself. Thank you so much sweetheart 🙂

I am just so happy to get this super surprise gift and so is cub… Thanks again 🙂

What say guys???




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