Birthday gift…

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I was at loss as what to gift him. So me and Cub tried our hands on handmade, gel wax candles. Following is the photo-diary of our efforts. Hope Swaps like it…

1. The materials used… empty small glasses, assorted shells, some rangoli colours, some glitter, wicks and gel wax

2. Get the glasses ready with embelishments… (tip: don’t forget to put wick at this stage)

3. Melting wax over double broiler…

4. Pour the melted wax in the ready glasses… and voila, it’s ready!

(tip: you can change the colour of the wax by adding some shavings of wax crayons of your colour choice)

So, guys that was what presented to moi best friend.

Once again, Happy birthday Swaps 🙂


18 thoughts on “Birthday gift…

  1. Boy! They are sooo perfect… it is apparent it was done lovingly 🙂
    As always, they are gonna be treasured …you know what it means 😛
    Thanks re!

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