Paper Marbelling – Tutorial

Cub is gonna meet her best friend when she goes home this Navaratri. We wanted to gift her friend, R,  something handmade. See what we made for R with paper marbelling!

Things we used for this project:

  • Marbelling Colours (available in the market as a kit or u can make your own by adding turpentine oil or kerosene to the oil paints)
  • Papers  Sheets (preferably white)
  • Droppers (one for each colour)
  • Stylus to swirl the paint (You can use a twig instead)
  • Tray (any old tray that is 2 to 3 inch deep)
  • Water
  • Old Rag
  • Old News papers
  • Embellishments to decorate your marbelled papers (optional)

First we prepared the work station and lined it with old news papers so that we don’t mess our dining table. 😀

Then we added water to the tray till 3/4th level and added colours by dropper one by one.

Don’t forget to use separate dropper for different colours.

You can start by dropping colours in the center and see them spreading. There is no hard and fast rules as to where to put which colour. Let your imagination take reins. 🙂

Next we swirled the colours with the stylus to give the marbelled look.

See what we got! 🙂

Next we placed the paper gently over this swirled pattern. (Remember not to press the papers. It should not submerge in water, rather float on it.) Left it there for a few seconds and took it out and placed it on old news papers to dry.

It did not take too long to dry. We tried different patterns with different colour combination.

This is my favourite of the lot. Though it looks like a broken heart, it is a heart nonetheless! 😆  😆

Check out how the dried marbelled sheets look like! 🙂

A little bit of close up will give you a better idea.

Next, we gathered all these sheets, intervened with alternate pink sheets, jacketed them with textured papers and spiral bound them to make a diary for R.

Later on, Cub added some embellishments to decorate this diary. She has also made a handmade paper bag to gift R. Check it out here.

I sincerely hope R likes it. What say, guys? 🙂

P.S. I have not mentioned anything about sizing of the water or preparing papers with alum as done by the professional artists. Will take that up some other time.




15 thoughts on “Paper Marbelling – Tutorial

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  2. Oh! this is marbelling…it is amazing how wonderful things have simple origins. (As are its creators ..esp the junior one 🙂

    Nice job Sakhi!
    Fikar not, ‘R’ is gonna get blown away 🙂

    • Arey this tray is just a bottom of a flat plastic dibba 😀 (up-cycling you see 😉 ) and the one you saw for handmade paper is actually a deckle and not just a tray. I bought it from hobby ideas a few years back. you can get it made from a local carpenter too with wooden sides and wired mesh 🙂

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