Free Hand!

Both of these are done by my daughter without any help from me!

A Sunny Day

Block Print on Paper Using Poster Colours


19 thoughts on “Free Hand!

  1. Lovely drawings……Hey shall I tell you one thing…I was actually thinking you are a student[;)]….Santoor mummy….[though did not see your pic, want to give you that compliment]…Shayad Aap meri Di ki jaise hain 🙂

  2. First one is really nice. I could see the innocence in this picture. Thats the beauty of kids. They don’t know about sadness and all. They enjoy rain as well as sun. How many of us will think of a smiling butterfly?
    Wishes to the little artist 🙂

  3. Wow…she is talented….How old is she???
    She is creative….she has a very nice imagination – smiling butterfly :)…
    You should post more of her paintings. Looking forward,,,,
    Check out this site one of my friend has created a blog for her 5 year daughter.
    Cheers….and regards to her………

  4. My little one is 6 and half years old (!)… 🙂 Yeah after seeing th elink yu have mentioned, i do feel that i should be posting more of her work .. though probably i will not be able to manage a new blog altogether!

    Thanks again for dropping by! 🙂

  5. lovely….
    smiling butterfly !!!!!!!!!!!!, i have never imagined….. this imagination can b possible from child only.
    love 2 her.

    Sakhi, it seems that c has gone after u. 🙂 🙂

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