Mehendi (henna)

Applied Mehendi (Henna) on my daughter’s hands for the Diwali festival.


19 thoughts on “Mehendi (henna)

  1. hey beautiful yaar seriously…… you know how to put mehndi??
    Reminded me of hostel…nostalgic (though just an year back, still feels Oh Dear…..those were the best days of my life haina?]

  2. yeah i put it for her.. And definitely the hostel days were too good.. I too miss those days a lot. Especially now that i dont get time for myself. I miss those carefree days. Yet , at the same time, i love my present days also… I think i am confused! 😀

  3. If you like to express yourself with Mehndi pattern pro hands you are vacant to need approximately skilled patterns to help you with your then Mehndi project. I would like to help you understand approximately of the generally standard symbols and patterns and could you repeat that? They speak for so you can add a little morsel of your own unique personality in to your then design.

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