Table Napkin

I made this one using single layer of tissue paper, cutting it with a free hand and with fabric decoupage materials applied it on the table napkin. I was not sure how the end result will be. But loved what I saw.


7 thoughts on “Table Napkin

  1. @Saks – Nice work again! I am still wondering why you had to show the napkin label in the picture here 🙂

    Otherwise, as usual rockstar stuff!

  2. You are right Sakhi, your only content on this blog is photos. But I am still trying to find out solution. Its just little diffcult for images.

    P.S. Sorry for late comments, I was out for a picnic and some other *personal* works.


  3. Ohh and forgot to say, your work is really good, I liked everything I saw. Now I need to see everything when I will have more time.
    Thanks and

  4. hope your *personal* work have got “well done”! Thanks for visiting (u can never be late!).

    keep visiting!

    Keep smiling!

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