Adalaj Step Well!

This is an old step well just at the outskirts of Ahmedabad at Adalaj Village, Gujarat (India).

The approach road to this step well is as good as a village road in India is expected to be! But the monument is worth the trip. The stale and stagnant water smell is always there but the dampness also gives the place a cool feeling. Check out the intricate carving. I have been to this place a lot many times, but it has never stopped amazing me. I wish Govt. of India would take care of its heritage like the other developed countries do. Or one day the future generation will not be able to see such magnificent workmanship.


5 thoughts on “Adalaj Step Well!

  1. Ahh, nice place! Should make a visit sometime – my wish is to see all exotic places in India (All is the word!)

    Nice pics!

  2. hai na? Use Sony cyber shot and then touch it up with picasa. good tool, though not as good as photoshop. But for my purpose its fine (can fill light and change contrast well).

  3. @life..

    have tried to watermark the images. What do you say? Have downloaded the trial version of visual watermark.

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