Black and White

I Hand painted on”Khaadi” long kurta with acrylic paints. This painting is traditionally done by villagers from Maharashtra state, India. It is known as “warli Painting”.

5 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. So you buy a plain kurta and try it out? These are amazing stuff and you sure have a good sense of creativity!

    I am greedily waiting for my kurta 😉

    The skirty butterfly, white willow, orange morning and then warli painting – in that order of preference. Nothing beats the skirt 😀

  2. And btw, if you are in US as your profile mentions, how come you are awake at the ungodly hours? again, just curious!

  3. @Saks – You too Sakhi!! 😀
    Yea I am very much straight, how could I prove that to you now? 😀 😛

    Yea, ungodly as you mentioned I actually wake up before my alarm clock! It’s not to check if its working – I am just like that. Early riser! 😀

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