Scrapbook Album for a Baby Boy

Had to make a scrapbook album for a baby boy and I did not want to used the traditional flowery stuff. It had to be bold colours and almost no use of flowers (the one I generally use).

Also, for the first time I have used “Hidden Hinge Binding” and I absolutely love it. The finishing that I got with this binding is unmatachable. It looks unlikely now that I would go back to “ring binding” again.

Please note that this is a picture heavy post. Now, let me take you through the pages!! :D

The Cover Page

The Cover Page

I used some crayons to give the background to “Cherish”… and “Cherish” is a chip board die cut coloured with spray colouring with Photoinks.

The Hidden Hinge Binging

The Hidden Hinge Binging

Now time for the pages… :)










In between you see that my watermark disappears from the pictures. Well, that’s because I accidentally deleted my watermark picture :roll: :roll: Now, I will have to make another one but till then I just wanted to share this creation of mine. :D :D

With the Photomat Tags -  that goes as page inserts

With the Photomat Tags – that goes as page inserts

And that is all peeps :D :D

Hope you like this…

Keep smiling, keep crafting and stay safe…



Love is in the air – Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s day is just round the corner and so the post has to be lovey dovey ;-)

Here’s my take on Valentine’s Day…




Valentine card with gift bag


This is inside of the card :-)

Hope you guys like it :-)



My first video tutorial :D

Hi guys,

Finally I managed to shoot a video tutorial on how to make larger bags with “We R Memory Keepers” gift bag punch board. A lot of craft friends wanted to know how to go about it. I thought a tutorial would help a lot of other crafters too. So here I am…

Since this is my first attempt at making a tutorial on a video, please excuse me for all the out of focus captures :)

Enjoy crafting, be safe and stay happy :)



Birthday card for a 7 year old football fan :-)

I had to make a birthday card for a 7 year old football fan :-) And he is a quilling fan too…

So here is what I came up with…


And instead of putting it in an envelop, I used the card itself to decorate his gift :-)


So his favourite two things are in the card… football and quilled Sun. Hope he likes the card :-)



We R Memory Keepers: Gift Bag Punch Board – Review

Dear All,

I recently bought We R Memory Keepers gift bag punch board from Priya’s store. The moment I got to know that she is taking pre-orders for the punch boards (We r memory keepers have quite a few punch boards… you can check it out) I was quite excited and waited like a small child for my treat to arrive.

I bought two – Gift Bag Punch Board and Candy Box Punch Board.

Today I am going to review only Gift Bag Punch Board.

When it arrived it looked compact and I was happy for it as it will take up less space. As I opened the package I could see that it came with quite detailed instructions which was good since it gives all that you need to know to start making bags. The board itself has instructions on it, so even if you lose the instruction leaflet, its ok. It also has bone folder and a slot to store it so that you don’t lose it.


Gift Bag Punch Board with instruction leaflet

As soon as I opened the pack, HAD to make the bag. And you can see here the disastrous first attempt.


Disastrous first attempt :(

It did not come out the way it should have. The creases were not proper, I miss judged the score lines and I did not like the width and the height of the bag. Also, I did not like the way the edge of the bag looked…  it had unfinished look to it. I was disappointed, of course, but tried again. and came up with bags which I liked.


See the difference in bag edges

Instead of keeping the edges the way the punch board suggested I folded it before hand and you can see the difference. You can also cut the edges or beutify it by cutting it with fancy cutters or border punches.

But there was another problem. This was the biggest bag that I could make with 12″x12″ sheet and the measurements given on the board. It was no good for me as I wanted broader bags for the gifts I wanted to give. With the measurements given by the punch it was not possible to make any broader bag. This has option only to have LONGER bags!!

So, there was no option than to change the measurements on my own. I searched on internet for the measurements for broader bags with this punch. There were quite a few youtube videos where a few complicated measurements were there and it involved a lot of cutting and having 2 similar pattern paper. But then I neither had pattern papers that were bigger than 12″x12″ nor 2 similar patterns.

So, I chucked pattern papers, took craft sheets that were bigger in size went about with my original measurements and you can see how I have used the pattern papers and base of the bag is kept plain.


Needed to increase the length, keeping width and height the same

I did figure out the calculations and came up with the bags the way I wanted. See the difference here.


Final Product :)


Close up of handmade flower embellishment :)

Let me tell you the pros and cons of this punch:


  • Good quality plastic body
  • Compact – easy to store
  • Comes with detailed instructions and these instructions are easy to follow
  • Creases are crisp and folding of paper is easy
  • Assembly of bag is easy
  • It comes with punch holes for the handle (I have not used it) – easy to make handles on the bag
  • You can make 3 different sizes of bags with this punch


  • Maximum size of bag that can be made is about 3.5″x2″x whatever height
  • Too much calculations will be required if you want to have broader bags (it is not impossible though – i increased about 1.5″ length for my bags)
  • Breadth of the bags remain the same if you want middle scoring
  • Punch holes for the ribbon punches on all sides of the bags – I personally would have liked if it was only on the length side of the bag

Verdict: 3.5/5 – It is a good punch board if you have to make a lot of bags of small sizes. Need a lot of change in measurements if you want bigger bags (not impossible though).

P.S. I have not given measurements that I used for my bags in this post. May be I will do a separate tutorial on that.



Crisscross Card Invites

I had to make some birthday invites but did not have much time. So, what to do?! :-)

Crisscross cards are simple and fast to make. So here is what I made…


And since I did not have much time, rather than keeping the card closed with a tab insert I just stuck the tab on… I loved the way it turned out.


What say????


Next I will take up review for “We r memory keepers” bag punch. Stay tuned…