Princess Card

Cub has to go to a birthday part in the evening and the theme is “princess”. I made a pricess birthday card for her friend. Have a look…


The collar flips open to give the peep inside. See how it looks from inside…


This is completely hand drawn. I have used hsndmade card stock, some ribbons and some other embelishments.

What do ya say guys?

P.S. This card is inspired by Shruti’s this card.

2 Happy Birthday Cards & a Bookmark…

Two of my dear friends’ birthdays warranted that I get into making some b’day cards to wish them. Coming up exams keeps me busy but I managed to come up with something decent (or so I feel ;) ). Have a look…




And while making these cards I was left with some scrap which I turned into a bookmark. Have a look…


That’s all for the day folks. Have a great day ahead.


Friendship belts

Cub had a demand of friendship belts at 10 in the night. I was dead tired so promised her that I would make some for her friends in the morning before she left for the school. See the result for yourself.

A little close up…

A carry bag to take all these belts to school… (of course, I made it! :D  :)  )

Paper bag with the booty! :)

Hope you all had a great time with your friends :)

Shifted to WP! :)

so many of my blogger friends (especially RJ and Reems)* left me on blogger and shifted to WP. I didn’t have choice, so came here after them… :)

Keep visiting me here! :)

*pardon me RJ and Reems for not linking you guys, as it will take me sometime to get used to WP!