Binder Clip Photo Stands

I have been gifting a lot of handmade things to friends but it’s been a while since I made anything for hubby. When I saw binder clip photo stand on today, made by Snehal, I thought I can make one for hubby. Then I could find lots of similar videos on youtube.

See what I came up with…


Photo will go where pink heart is.

Isn’t it totally awesome?! Hubby totally loved it.

Materials I used:

2″binder clip
Patterned paper for base
Plain papers for flower, leaves and tags
Scallop punch – ek success
Flower and leaf punches
Butterfly stamp (have no clue which brand, it’s a wood mounted stamp I found in my stash)
Coffee and black colour inkpads
A button
PVA glue

That’s all I guess :-)




I made another one in the morning…


Hubby grabbed this one too… :D

Weaved Gift Wrap

I am very fond of wrapping gifts with newspapers. I wanted to give a twist to it today. See what I did…





Hope the recepient likes my work :-)



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Quilled Birthday Gift

Today is my best friend’s birthday and I wanted to gift him something special. What could be better than handmade gift, no?! So I made a quilled card and framed it. Have a look…









I hope he liked the gift.

Happy birthday Swaps! :)

~ Sakhi

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Coptic Stitch – Handmade Journal

This is my first attempt at coptic stitch book binding. I think though I can definitely improve on my skills, I still liked the results. What say? :)  :)

Let’s see how I went about it…


1. A4 size papers, folded into half

2. Make pin holes in the fold at equal intervals

3. Coptic stitch will bind these papers into a bound journal (the link to coptic stitch is provided for your reference, though I have learnt from somewhere else!)

4. Prepare your journal cover (I used a card board, a foam sheet and fabric)

5. Attach these covers to the bound journal

6. I have used a satin ribbon to give extra jazz (it is purely optional)

7. Voila… it is ready :D


I am happy the way it looks. Now it will be gifted to a dear friend :)

Ciao, till we meet again :)



Wah Taj!

It was hubby’s birthday a few days back and I was a little confused as to what to gift him. Then a brilliant (!) idea struck me and I bought him 500 pieces Jigsaw puzzle (I wanted to buy 1000 pieces one, but sadly that store did not have it!! :(  ). Dear hubby worked on it laboriously for almost four day (minus a few hours, hee hee…) and could accomplish the task.

Symbol of love was completed with a lot of labour of love :)


My BIL came to Bangalore yesterday and he said that I have got a parcel from my SIL. I was surprised to hear that since I had not asked for anything from her.

The box was all tapped with  “Fragile” tags… I got even more curious as to what can this big box contain. I opened it with enthusiasm of a child and woila, what do I find inside!!!

I had passingly mentioned to SIL when she has last visited us that I wanted some kind of tea- glasses with stand (routinely used at the roadside tea stall in India) and I was unable to find it in Bangalore (or probably I was not searching at the right places). I had resigned to the fact that I might not find it here. But she had not forgotten about it and she searched and searched and finally got it for me and sent it from Mumbai. I was thrilled to see what I wanted for so long…

Ah… what a beauty! It will be fun to have and serve some awesome “adarakhwali chai” (ginger tea) in this cold weather.

Thank you soooooooooo much Seju for this lovely and thoughtful gift. I cannot tell you enough how I have loved it :)  :)

And guys, this was not enough. There was something else too in that box…

A beautyful cloth bag with some small gift for cub. SIL’s daughter had sent a birthday gift for Cub… What a cute penstand with a cute handmade doll… as cute as herself. Thank you so much sweetheart :)

I am just so happy to get this super surprise gift and so is cub… Thanks again :)

What say guys???



Birthday gift…

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I was at loss as what to gift him. So me and Cub tried our hands on handmade, gel wax candles. Following is the photo-diary of our efforts. Hope Swaps like it…

1. The materials used… empty small glasses, assorted shells, some rangoli colours, some glitter, wicks and gel wax

2. Get the glasses ready with embelishments… (tip: don’t forget to put wick at this stage)

3. Melting wax over double broiler…

4. Pour the melted wax in the ready glasses… and voila, it’s ready!

(tip: you can change the colour of the wax by adding some shavings of wax crayons of your colour choice)

So, guys that was what presented to moi best friend.

Once again, Happy birthday Swaps :)